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I Totally Got This Day
is April 16th

Give yourself the confidence with this affirmation today! 

April 16th is I Totally Got This Day to remind those who are working toward something and meeting obstacles to push through and remind yourself that you can do it. Aptly placed the day after tax day in the U.S. as a reminder after tax season, that you still got it and can do it! 



How to Celebrate I Totally Got This Day

You got this! This is the day to celebrate your drive and motivation. 

Take time for yourself and contemplate how far you have come and re-confirm where you want to go. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a cookie with those who support you and stand behind you. 

History behind the day

Created by a single mother of 4 and small business owner who often felt the stresses and pressures of making it to the next day, paying the bills, managing the business and home, while keeping the children happy and taken care of. The only way to get through some days was to keep say “I totally got this” and keep driving forward.

Say this 10 times today “I Totally Got This!” and inspire those around you to see your determination and dedication to life. 

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